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Customer Appreciation Bundle 4 - 270-300mL! Photo
Ingredients: Vegetable glycerin (VG), propylene glycol (PG), flavoring, nicotine. Warning: This product contains chemicals known to the State of California to cause cancer and birth defects or other reproductive harm.
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Introducing The Customer Appreciation Bundle 4!


We would like to thank our customers for their continued support with another special appreciation box.

There are no mystery flavors in this box.

We are bringing you 270mL+ of our premium e-liquid for a special price of $59.69!

Our Customer Apperciation Box comes with Milky O’s and Pudding by The Milkman, Fury by ANML, Komb, Strawberry Shortcake by Phillip Rocke, The Upside and Comb the Desert by The Schwartz, Lava Drops by Furiosa, Breaking Blue by Clancy’s, Tru Blue by Kilo, and Crawlie Tuesday and Selfie Sunday by 7 Daze.

An additional 1 in 2 buyers will receive an additional free 30mL for a total of 300mL!


Milky O's (30mL):  The Milkman has taken your all-time favorite cookies and cream blended milkshake and crafted an e-liquid with all the chocolate, milky, cookie, creamy flavor your heart desires, with none of the calories and none of the guilt!*

Pudding (30mL): A rich and decadent, creamy vanilla pudding with sweet lemon overtones that handily meets the high standards of excellence you've come to expect from The Milkman. This is definitely a must-try flavor.*

Fury (30mL): A spot-on rendition of sugar-frosted cereal crisps with a splash of premium whole milk, creating a remarkably indulgent vape experience that is full-bodied and delicious on the inhale and yet crisp on the exhale.

Komb (30mL): A collaboration between The Milkman and Smax which captures the decadent essence of a honey-drizzled French creme brûlée with a zesty lemon twist.*

Strawberry Shortcake (32mL):  A knockout that combines a distinguished-yet-classic Strawberry Shortcake Flavor with an intangible bliss that immediately delivers you back to memories of your favorite summer past-times.**

The Upside (15mL): Smooth, creamy yogurt infused with strawberries leaves this flavor closely resembling that of a Strawberry Go-Gurt.

Comb the Desert (15mL): Get ready for creamy peanut butter yogurt mixed with a touch of delightful hazelnuts. If you're looking for a perfect juice to pair with a long day of hard work dragging a giant comb through the desert, look no further.

Lava Drops (30mL): Fruits of the dragon mixed with frozen orange and papaya juice makes Lava Drops a flavor that will satiate any fruit lovers palate.

Riptide (15mL): Bright and sweet ripe raspberry drizzled with rich butter cream and topped with a delicious hint of blood orange. This complex fusion of sweet and savory flavors has a bright juicy inhale and a smooth, layered exhale that will definitely pull you in.

Tru Blue (15mL):  A perfectly-sweetened blueberry custard, with a balanced creamy-to-fruity ratio that allows for the nuances of both flavors to shine without being overpowering. 

Crawlie Tuesday (15mL): This delicious sour gummy worm treat will bring you some much needed joy on even the dullest of days.

Selfie Sunday (15mL): Crisp, refreshing apple juice, now available in vapor form! Definitely one of the best apple flavors on the market, and perfect for an all day vape.


*12mg will receive 6mg based on availability

**3mg will receive 1.5mg for Strawberry Shortcake

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